Help its Christmas 2013 already.

Its hard to believe I have been open for the new season 3 1/2 months already. This is my second year as sole owner and I am enjoying it even more than last year. Its so much easier making all the decisions yourself. My skill levels in what were Karens area have shot up but they needed to.

Its been pretty quiet at times but I have lots of interests and good friends in Bluff and I am never bored. The hunters, trampers room is still a work in progress but usable. I think the pool table may have to go as it takes up too much space. Few people are worse at pool than I am to so its not my favourite thing.

The thing that stands out about the last 3 months is the amazing guests I have had and the great helpers.It is really neat to meet such interesting people without leaving your home. The helpers have been short term as I haven’t had enough work to have anyone long term but they have been great people. Jeff from Belgium was only 17 but he was a great worker. He arrived back from doing the Rakiura with Lena 18 and Niko from Germany in tow.We got some jobs done very well but had a good yak before they took off. Yuko from Japan spent a week here and my sushi making went up many levels.She cooks a mean curry. Boy it was delicious.We had some interesting discussions and she was a great worker. She left to do the Routeburn track. Karena and Neil a married couple from Ireland and Scotland were a lovely couple. Neil and I had some interesting conversations while poor Karena suffered from a migraine.

I had a lovely card from Olga my only Finnish helper. It was great to hear from her. I have a couple of French girls coming later this week and I hope to get the exterior painting done weather permitting. My friends Kevin and Christine are going to manage the place over Christmas while i hop up to Dunedin to my brothers family for a day or two.

I’m getting a few hunting groups starting to arrive and bookings are picking up for the New Year. I always enjoy meeting fellow hunters and some of them have been coming for years so its like seeing old friends.

Well fingers crossed for a great New Year and I can’t wait for the oyster season to arrive. Yum. Regards and best wishes to all.


Årets hetaste rådande vind blåste också bröllopdesign , retro stora axelvaddar utformade utan någon känsla i kombination med hög slits kjol sexig över knä men utan att förlora den värdiga och ädla, så  bröllop brudar kan också gå i mode spets.



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