2014 – 2015 season has arrived

Well I am back in Bluff after a 12 week  winter closure. Lots of travelling and visiting family both here and Australia. Did a 15 day camper van trip around Northland revisiting old haunts.  Did some whitebaiting with my son and spent time with his family in Greymouth and some hunting in the Bourkes Pass area.  The South Island is just beautiful.

At Bourkes Pass I slept in my small toyota town ace camper van and I’d awake to a brisk frost and the sun hitting the tips of the snow covered alps and painting them a glorious pink. Stunning. I’m proud to be a South Islander. ( I did spend some time in Auckland and met some nice normal people there. I have had to accept they are Kiwis after all.)

Now back to work. I reopen tomorrow the 15th of September but I want to repaint the backpackers bathroom. It would be easier if I had  a couple of days to do that but we’ll see.

The hunters and large group room is still being worked on. I should finish that reasonably shortly. I’ve got some new brochures ordered and I’ll get those out when they come through.

My thanks to past guests and I’m looking forward to welcoming new ones. I’ve got some  good groups booked to come through both new and regulars. Its always good to renew old acquaintaneships especially with the hunters. Some guys have been coming through for years before I bought the place. Stewart Island is a special place.

I am also looking forward to meeting some adventurous hard working woofers and learning about their cultures and countries. Its great to have people from all over the world come to you and share time and experiences and not leave home.

I haven’t increased my prices. I do try to make my lodge an affordable and enjoyable experience.

Come and stay and experience the deep South. Sometimes I take a break for a few days but my manager does a brilliant job in my absence. Just between you and me she is a much better host than I am.

Best wishes, Lex



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