2014-2015 Season

2014 – 2015 Season


Well unbelievably Bluff Lodge is closed for the winter and I’m on holiday until about mid September. WOOHOO.

The season went really well . Good grief even my accountant was pleased. Guest numbers were up by about 40%.  This was a trend experienced by many accommodation providers and was a welcome return to pre Christchurch Earthquake numbers in the South.

I am indebted to a number of fantastic woofers that came in a steady stream and enhanced my life and helped in my  business this season. I have to mention Rob and Anya, Hanna, Susanne, Maaike, and Caitlyn      from Hoover, Texas but all my woofers this year were great people and a privilege to meet and get to know.

Numbers were boosted by  shark divers going with Mike and his crew to see the great whites. The success percentage was around 90%. If none are sighted  Mike offers a free second attempted. This combined with his prices makes his operation very popular. Many guests come back really stoked. Great whites at ultra close range are ultra impressive. Many divers spend two or three nights just to make sure they achieve their goal. Weather can delay trips.


Another group that boosted numbers were the Te Araroa track walkers. These hardy people who have walked the length of the country are pleased to take two or three days to unwind , wash all their gear, repair sore feet and either prepare for a trip to Stewart Island or their next  adventure. I take my hat off to them. What a feat. I know I wouldn’t be up to it. Some have woofed for me for a few days after their trip to stretch their money supplies and we have spent many hours  talking and  sharing meals.

In terms of changes in Bluff the demolition of the outbuildings of the Club Hotel and Wobblies building to make a new permanent venue for the Bluff Oyster Festival right next door to me was a major for the town. It was a bold and forward thinking move. Volunteers especially John Edminston  the festival chairman put countless hours of work in to create a purpose built new venue. This years festival was just great. Personally I really enjoyed the whole experience. I had a wonderful  group of guests who were so easy to please and got right on with enjoying their time  in Bluff.

I have my 0272945306 business phone with me which works fine for communicating but my tablet while it receives e mails wont send my replies. If you wish to make a booking a text or call  is definitely the way to go. Include dates, numbers and rooms in your text and i will get back to you.

All the best to you all and enjoy the adventure of life. Lex






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