Start of 2015 – 2016 season has arrived.

I  AM DEVASTATED. WHY you may well ask. Well my grandsons helped me get onto my website and I wrote a good blog for last season and let everyone know when I would be back. Thought I had successfully posted it. Probably had a smirk like Mr Beans when he thinks he has done well. I have arrived back and just started the season and thought I would post this fact. I logged in and that bloody thing called the ether has swallowed up another of my painfully typed masterpieces. !!!!

Que serra. Thats what happens when your’e technologically challenged apparently. I have opened and have had some nice guests already. That and the great woofers I have had keep me coming back.

The signs are auspicious for a good year. Here’s hoping. last season saw a big lift in numbers and with more flights coming in to Christchurch I think that lift could be sustained. I spent a few nights staying in a backpackers in Christchurch and researched others. Christchurch backpacker accommodation is looking good.

We have had some fine days but a cold easterly kept temperatures low. Today however was beautiful. The end of the road by the signpost was really busy. Fortunately I had walked around to it so I didn’t need a park as there weren’t any left.

I intend doing some interior and exterior painting this year so I am looking for help with this and the usual chores associated with running a hostel. I promise I will do my best to see  any helpers don’t lose  weight while they are with me.

The environmental group are doing a good job on the hill . The bird life is bloomingand the yellow eyed penguins and whales have been sighted. I love the walking tracks on the hill and do a bit of trap clearing while on my walks. If you fancy a trip to Stewart Island I still provide a discount to woofers on the ferry ticket as a small appreciation of their efforts.

The southern australis has been observed frequently lately but a few camera skills have been needed to observe it. A delayed exposure capable camera  and a tripod are a huge aid.

There were some good ferry ticket specials offered  by Stewart Island experience last season. Lets hope that continues.For guests that want to save a bit more I still offer a discount on your accommodation if you buy your ferry tickets through me.

Well happy and safe travels everyone. I hope your New Zealand experience is a ripper.





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