Hunters & Trampers

huntingLex at Bluff Lodge loves meeting fellow hunters, trampers and fishermen. There’s even a large dorm room specially set up to cater to the needs of these groups – complete with dorm beds, plus a large table and chairs, an open fire, TV, etc.

For first-timers, Lex has contacts and information to help you in your planning. Give him a call and he can help you sort out things you’re unsure of. For first-timers – and for old hands! – Lex can also help out with things you may have forgotten.

toki-helper-from-japan-catcShark Diving:

Great white sharks  have been congregating in the sea around Stewart Island for perhaps thousands of years. They congregate to breed and two local companies offer trips to dive and see them in their environment safely. The weather can be a problem and when you are trying to see wild creatures it doesn’t necessarily mean they will turn up to see you, so its a good idea to book for a couple of nights. The departure area is just a few minutes walk away.